Do you also want to learn the basics of sewing?

My name is Miriam Bode and I supervise beginners and advanced seamstresses in Eindhoven.

In about 8 meetings of 2 hours you learn how to create fashion and the sewing machine no longer holds any secrets for you.

In the basic course you will learn:
• how your own sewing machine works;
• the basic sewing techniques;
• various types of fabrics;
• how to transfer a pattern on a fabric;
• the basic concepts such as laying seam flat, seam value, foot wide, topstitching and more.

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Follow-up course

If you followed the basic course and now want to improve your techniques, you can subscribe to a follow-up course in which you learn:
• how to draw a pattern from a pattern magazine and introduce minor adjustments;
• how to measure the right size;
• how to read the work description from a pattern magazine;
• how to make clothes such as dresses, skirts, pants or tops.

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Are you interested in learning how to sew in a small group? 
For more information you can reach me at 06- 25 34 74 44 or by mail

Can’t you wait to follow the sewing lessons with me at your own pace and level?

I work with small groups (maximum 3 participants), so you get optimal personal attention.
The beginners and the advanced students are in the same group. This allows you to easily move on from basic to advanced level and still follow your sewing lessons on the same evening. You work at your own pace and level, so you can subscribe any time.The average course consists of 8 lessons, each 2 hours long. You will notice that time flies!

If you want to follow an individual programme, then a private lesson might be something for you. We both agree on a suitable day and time. 

For more information you can reach me at 06- 25 34 74 44 or by mail